Intelligence Monitoring
Due Diligence

Intelligence Monitoring

Staying close to activities of competitors, to developments in markets and technologies is mandatory in today’s uncertain and unpredictable time. Do you know what your competitors plan to survive the next economic crisis? What happens in your industry right now in foreign markets? Following actual competitors and prospective adversaries in adjacent markets and in remote markets is not an easy task. The internet does not provide in-depth insights. To stay on top use a sophisticated competitor monitoring system and add color to your market picture as your business environment is not just black and white. The solution that INFO + DATEN provides to customers is os:MON (TM).

os:MON provides you with a differentiated view and intelligence on your competitors. It is a monitoring system tailored to your specific needs. The specific value of os:MON is the soft intel component it adds to mere data and information. It is highly flexible and adapts to almost any situation. If you want to learn more about this service by INFO + DATEN please contact us either through telephone or e-mail. Contact details are below.

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Customer quote

I hired INFO + DATEN to perform competitive and market intelligence for the global Intelligence team at SAP. A key area of focus was the SMB market and tracking of key vendors and related channels. Udo Hohlfeld was personally involved, and we worked together for three years. Our profound satisfaction with Udo’s services had us renewing the contract several times. Udo developed os:MON™ for my team; that tool was highly reliable and insightful with regard to the competition and to SAP and delivered very precise recommendations. Udo’s excellent interpersonal and multicultural skills enabled him to work productively with our international team. It was an excellent collaboration.“

(Fortune 1000 company in the software industry)


Due Diligence

A due diligence effort analyses a competitor (but also relevant other topics) in depth. It provides answers beyond the publicly available information. It uncovers deep and detailed insights on the target subject and enables particularly strategic decisions. A Due Diligence effort is complementary to a continuous intelligence monitoring activity.

We usually proceed in a very structured manner and break down the process into three phases:

  1. Phase one: The Rough Investigation or Screening
  2. Phase two: Detailed investigation and fine analysis
  3. Phase three: The final assessment


builds on a sophisticated OSINT effort
adds exclusive insights from HUMINT
uses a broad variety of experts
provides value and security

Customer quote

What makes all the difference when it comes down to intelligence performance? A global understanding of the real core intelligence procedure, a comprehensive skill set, proven first hand experience, an international network, and last but not least a forceful personality. Indeed, this is my subjective view – but simply put: Udo is all that.“

(International medium-sized company in Manufacturing)